3rd ABSOLUT ART AWARD goes to Anri Sala

Albanian artist Anri Sala won the ABSOLUT ART AWARD 2011.His form of expression is the video, in which he connects the traditions of his homeland with his modern life (current in Berlin).

„Receiving the ABSOLUT ART AWARD feels like being rewarded more than once. It’s a great honour to me to be its recipient following, Rirkrit Tiravanija (winner of 2010). And I also feel awarded by the presence of those who could come; family, friends, old and new – an exceptional archipelago of people that ABSOLUT kindly brought together from significant places and moments of my life, making this moment so meaningful to me. I believe there is a special and candid streak in the way ABSOLUT approaches art and people”, says Anri Sala.

„Anri Sala’s work offers a unique way of looking at the world that combines reflection on history, memories, and consciousness of the instant, with an absolute awareness of presence and disappearance. He possesses a special talent for precise and subtle displays, and a unique ability to conceive installations and architectural proposals including sound, image, sculpture, film and live performances“, so the jury chaired by Christine Macel, Chief Curator at Centre Pompidou.

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