ABSOLUT Vodka: The Mario Wagner-style bottle – an interview

You designed the new limited edition of ABSOLUT Vodka, an anusual job – so why did you do it?
Why not? (laughs)

What can we see on it?
The barren landscapes of a planet, an all-seeing eye, an astronaut, who talks against the phyical conditions, and three UFOs.

What inspired you?
Movies, books, astronomy, technologie, science fiction, mythology, fashion, sport …

Do you have a favourite work?
Robert Rauschenberg – Open Score (performance), but it’s just one. There are many good works.

Who is your model?
Dadaists, surrealists and pop-artists are definitively among the top 10.

Today you live in San Francisco – why?
I was allways interesst into the american culture and art and than i meet my wife in San Francisco.

How did you became an established illustrator and artist?
My collages style in combination with loud colours let me stand out from the mass.

What will the future bring?
For humanity it will be great if we would find intelligent life in our galaxy. Maybe than we don’t see us as the prime issue.

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