AFA: Six awards and Irina Lazareanu

This year the Austrian Fashion Awards were a protracted affair: Six fashion prices were awarded and just a little bit of fashion shown. The Muse of Lagerfeld, Irina Lazareanu breathed new life into the evening, she modelled for Mihai Dan Zarug’s men’s fashion „twenty (2) too“.

Credit: Jürgen Hammerschmid

 The Awards:
– Modepreis der Stadt Wien (Fashion Award of Vienna): Kathrin Lugbauer and Nora Berger with „Natures of Conflict“
– Wirtschaftskammer Wien (FEderal Economic Chamber): Julia Cepp with „mija t. rosa“ (women’s fashion) and Peter Holzinger and Christian Moser with „superrated“ (men’s fashion)
– ACF Austrian Creative Fur Award: Rainer Milalkovits with „Eric Rainer“ and Sophie Skach
– Unit F Editorial Awards (for fashion photographer): Michael Bader and Pawel Fabjanski
–  Modepreis des Kulturministeriums (Fashion Award of the ministry of culture): Tina Elisabeth Reiter
–  Preis der Erste Bank (Award sponsored by Erste Bank): Mihai Dan Zarug with „twenty (2) too“

The Show by „twenty (2) too“:

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