Happy Birthday White Rabbit!

It’s just a year since Rene Schopf opened his concept store White Rabbit at Fischerstiege 1 in Vienna. On 85 square meters you can find timeless fashion by creatve labels, furniture and lifestyle accessoires. And some of this labels, like Naf Naf, you just can find at White Rabbit.

„At bottom I have to tell a story about every piece we sell“, Rene Schopf says. A lot of the products are handmade by young creative folks. Rene Schopf is allways thinking about where the pieces come from and how they are made. „With my selected pieces I want to enrich people, who place value on quality and design, at a fair price.“

Check it out: Fischerstiege 1, 1010 Vienna.

Clockwise: Meshit (women), Naf Naf (women), Gudrun&Gudrun (men), Sand (men).

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