Interview with Michalsky: Miss Piggy is one of the most famous women of the world

The Hallstand: You created a dress for Miss Piggy – why?
It was great, I am a big Muppet fan since I’m a child and Miss Piggy is one of the most famous women of the world. She is such a great woman.

What are the trends of Winter 2012/13?
A lot of colours, coral, pink, blue, purple and also gold. The materials are toward fur optics. And again there are pullovers.

Where are you buying your clothes?
At myself, at American Apparel and at Fourteen Ounce, a great jeans shop in Berlin.

Tie or bow tie?

Slip or boxers?

Club or restaurant?
Meanwhile restaurant

Dog or cat?

Vanilla or chocolate?

Suggar or salt?

Day or night?
It depends on the season, at the moment day, but sometimes also night.

See the Show of Michalsky’s Winter 2012/13 collection „passion“:

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