Marcel Ostertag: „The blogger look upset me“

Is there a difference between the Vienna Fashion Week and the Berlin Fashion Week?
Berlin is much greater and international.

What could be better in Vienna?
The model booking. But it’s very hard to find a lot of good girls in Vienna.

Will you open a store in Vienna?
Before I will open a store in Vienna, I would go into the Asian market.

What’s an absolute fashion faux pas?
The blooger look upset me. All bloggers think they are so individually, but they all look the same. Jeans hot pants, net shirts, cropped and boots – it’s horrible. Dear blogger become individual.

And what is a musthave?
A trench coat.

You just design fashion for women, why?
Men are very difficult and exhausting. They just want a good jacket, a good shirt and a good tee, therefore I didn’t study six years.

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