MQ Vienna Fashion Week.12: Some of the designers

From 12. to 16. September it is again so far, the Vienna Fashion Week takes place at the Vienne MuseumsQuartier with a large number of brilliant and young designers. I look forward to the designers from Poland and Thailand, some new from Austria and great labels like Tiberius:

Powerful knitwear collection by Lucja Wojtala (Poland)
Minimalism byDamian Konieczny (Poland)
ReDesign by Studio B3 (Poland)
Mosstories (Thailand) – inspired by animals

Unusual silhouettes by Wonder Anatomie (Thailand)
Extravagant fashion by Callisti

m.a. menswear by Magdalena Adriane and Faux Fox-editor-in-chief Benjamin Quirico.
Haute Couture by Magdalena Adriane

First collection of Mariella Morgana

Fair fashion by Shakkei presented by Tian

Strong and sexy: Tiberius

 Futur-Chic by Acci Selek:

Black fashion by Smaranda Almos:

Credits: Gerhard Buchacher, Julia Spicker, Wolf Steiner, Laura Karasinski und Tatjana Schmidt, Mirella Szymoniak, Agata Kacprzak, Michael Wittig, Mihai Luviar Popa

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