Show Angewandte 12: Vienna’s world of fashion lives

With their finishing presentation „Show Angewandte 12“ the fashion class of the University of Applied Arts Vienna the young designers showed: Vienna’s world of fashion lives! It’s very difficult to say, who of the 33 students had the best collection, but I have two favourites:

Takahiro Ueno with „It’s better to burn out than to fade away“: Baroque meets the future, perfect cuts, brash materials and intersting prints.

Markus Binder: The first time he struck me was last year. At Show Angewandte 12 the young designer presented with „missionaria protectiva“ a clean and innovative collection as usual.

 The Diploma:

Milena Heussler with „Not For Sale“, a reinterpreation of the 70s.

Nedra Chachoua with „Musaa paradisiaca“, refreshing cheerful.

 Bernhard Gruber with „Yeah Right“, very funny.

Aya Nonogaki with „ich bin ich“, interessting prints.

Kerstin Pratter with „terro rise me“, colours and materials yield a surprising result.

The other designers:

The Video:

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