Zaha Hadid’s new shoes

The star architect has designed a pair of limited-edition chrome-plated shoes with 16.5-centimetre cantilevered heels for shoe brand United Nude.

„Zaha consistently reinvents the program with her own ideas and interpretations,“ says United Nude founder Rem D Koolhaas. „Her visionary creations are often unexpected, yet reinforce their origins.“ He adds: „I could not resist the challenge to work with Zaha. We gave ourselves the greatest degree of experimentation and used the latest digital design and manufacturing technologies to create one of the most innovative shoes ever produced.“

The footwear features a striated surface resembling geological formations similar to those used in Hadid’s architectural projects. The metallic chromed vinyl rubber upper is lined with leather while the platform and heel are fiberglass and the outsole is rubber.

„I have always appreciated those who dare to experiment with materials and proportions. Our collaboration with United Nude reinterprets the classic shoe typology; pushing the boundaries of what is possible without compromising integrity,“ says Hadid.

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